Which Business Intelligence Software Do You Recommend And Why

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Which Business Intelligence Software Do You Recommend And Why

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Top Business Intelligence Software Awards 2020

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Which Is Business Intelligence (bi) Tool Right For Your Business?

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Business Intelligence (bi) Reporting Tools

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Tool Business Intelligence Software Terbaik Di Indonesia

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The Best Business Intelligence (bi) Software In 2023

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If you are still managing and analyzing your data by hand… stop. The bots are smart enough to do that for you now, and you have better things to do with your time, like use AI-generated insights from your data to make big, bottom-line decisions.

Business Intelligence Software For Higher Education

Business intelligence (BI) software uses APIs, automation, AI, and other tools to simplify the process of data compilation, organization, analysis, and visualization. It takes data and basically does everything but the actual decision for you.

There are hundreds of platforms out there that market themselves as BI or BI-adjacent tools, but not all of them help you extract actionable insights from your data while remaining accessible to businesses of all sizes. I spent several weeks testing dozens of BI tools, and based on my research and time testing the platforms, these eight stood out among the rest.

Our best software is written by people who have spent much of their careers using, testing, and writing about software. We spend tens of hours researching and testing applications, using each application as it is used and evaluating it according to the criteria we have set for the category. We never pay for placement in our articles of any app or for links to any website—we value the trust readers have placed in us to offer authentic reviews of the categories and apps we review. For more details on our process, read the full summary of how we choose apps to feature on the blog.

To test these business intelligence tools, I created an account with each platform, importing sample data and testing critical features such as data source linking, dataset linking, visualization and dashboard building, and AI-generated insights.

Business Intelligence Tools For Small Businesses

With the help of the above criteria, some extensive research on these programs, and my insights from testing them, here are my picks for the eight best business intelligence software solutions.

Datapine’s ratings alone were enough for me to suspect it would earn a spot on this list, and trying it out only confirmed my hypothesis.

I was particularly impressed with the platform’s Smart Insights tab. You are greeted by a series of written information about your data along with annotated charts that speak to those insights. They’re divided by category, with tabs for growth and forecasting, value drivers, key segments, outliers, correlations, and even interactive what-if scenarios that let you see how results would be affected if certain factors changed.

I also found the app’s panels to be very flexible (and almost…fun?). You can drag charts anywhere in a dashboard, and they are highly customizable. Customize fonts, colors, gradients, drop shadows, titles and subtitles, and even brand your dashboard with hundreds of fun icons. Some visualizations, including maps, offer interactivity, allowing you to zoom into specific areas to get a closer look at your data.

Free, Cloud And Open Source Business Intelligence Software In 2024

When you create a new data visualization, you can implement various conditional formatting options. For example, you can assign meaning to colors, gradients, and more so that they reflect a quality, such as values ​​or set boundaries.

The app also integrates AI and intelligent forecasting. You can enable alerts that recognize anomalies in data and how you track to your KPIs, notifying you of any changes. You can even customize charts to predict how your data will trend over time.

There are more awesome features, including dashboard sharing with colleagues, automating reports to be sent on a specific schedule, and more—but you get the picture. datapine is a premium BI application that will almost certainly cover all your bases.

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Bi Software Market Size, Industry Analysis And Forecast By 2033

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