The Market For Talent: Business Intelligence Salary Projections

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The Market For Talent: Business Intelligence Salary Projections – The transfer of business to online platforms and the amount of information that is generated with every passing moment has opened up many job opportunities for people who deal with information.

Intelligence Analyst is one such profile that focuses on improving data, managing it, identifying patterns through it, etc., depending on the key business needs.

The Market For Talent: Business Intelligence Salary Projections

Since the role depends on demand the salary range of a business analyst also varies, depending on many factors. Some important factors that greatly influence the salary range are the level of skills or experience the candidate possesses, the geographical location of the company, the requirements of the organization, etc.

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Now that we know the average salary and the factors it depends on, we will focus on the following important points about the salary of a business data analyst:

Is committed to helping its readers in any way possible, so we’ve compiled a list of online resources that can help you find the perfect Business Intelligence Analyst job.

As mentioned above, there are many factors that decide the salary amount of a particular profile. One of them is the location of the company.

We have compiled a list for your information, which will give you an estimate of the salary of a business analyst based on different positions and profiles.

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The climate is not the only factor that determines the salary, but it is very important.

To help you understand better, we have listed the trade secret salary range based on the level of experience the professional possesses.

According to the data obtained from, the average salary of a private business analyst is USD 67, 700 and sometimes it moves up to USD 70K.

We have collected the information from various but reliable online resources and compiled them for your review. Take a look at the table mentioned below to find out the top salary of a business data analyst.

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We’re also adding a chart for your convenience, which will show the range of business intelligence analyst salaries by experience level.

If you want to become a business intelligence analyst then you need to think ahead to beat the competition and take the right path to establish your career.

While geographic location and skill level have their own importance in deciding the salary of a business intelligence analyst, it all comes down to the skill set you have.

While these skills mentioned above are important for a business data analyst, there are still a few skills out there that are more in demand and can directly affect your salary. They are:

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Now that you know what skills are required to become a business intelligence analyst, you should also know how to list the skills on your resume.

We have covered almost all topics related to business intelligence analyst salary, however, to keep it short we are answering the most frequently asked questions about business intelligence analyst salary.

The average salary of a business data analyst depends on various factors which we have already discussed. Therefore, the salary ranges from USD 60K – 90K depending on the skill set, skill level, or even the geographical location of the company.

Since the global economy is highly influenced by big data, the demand for business data analysts is also predicted to grow with the passing days.

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A good business intelligence analyst will have a thorough understanding of business and industry. They can use their technical knowledge to come up with actionable ideas to boost business growth.

In order to become a good business analyst, you need to have a set of skills & soft skills. Some of them are:

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With the advancement of technology, organizations have adopted the way of information to increase the growth of their business. This has created huge job opportunities for people in the BI industry.

Business Analyst Job Description

A Business Analyst doesn’t have to stop at just the job of an analyst. There are interesting profiles that one can choose from, such as:

As we have already discussed in detail about the salary range of Business Analyst, it is safe to say that one can make a comfortable living with this amount.

If you are worried about not having enough savings for the future, then leave that worry at the door. Since the BI industry has a lot to offer in terms of personal development and financial growth.

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1. Employees want raises – and they won’t hesitate to ask for them. The uncertain economic climate is impacting professional motivation when it comes to starting compensation negotiations. Nearly two-thirds (63%) of employees report plans to seek a raise before the end of the year, mainly due to concerns related to:

Nearly one-third (31%) of employees say they would look for a new job if they didn’t get a raise.

2. Flexible operations are loaded. More than 6 in 10 employees (62%) would rather stay in a job with flexible career options than accept a higher paying position with limited office requirements. This is most common among Gen Zers (74%) and working parents (68%).

3. Communication problems are common. Almost half (47%) of employers admit to making salary negotiation mistakes, the most common of which are:

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4. Guaranteed wages provide benefits to workers. About 6 in 10 employers say that including salary information in job postings helps attract qualified candidates (63%) and gives them an edge over competitors (60%). Also, employers want transparency in pay, and 57% said they would hire themselves regardless of their role if the requested salary was not provided.

5. Companies are willing to pay more for top talent. The recruitment market is still full of candidates, with more vacancies than available talent. As a result, more than half of employers (51%) plan to increase starting salaries in 2024 to attract skilled workers. Another 46% said they are adding new features and benefits.

“Competitive pay and job flexibility are top concerns for professionals and will likely influence their career decisions in 2024,” said Dawn Fay, CEO of Robert Half. “To attract and retain top talent – especially in an uncertain economy – it’s important for employers to plan their salary and compensation packages, consider options for co-working , and use strategies to strengthen employee engagement and morale.”

While salary increases are expected in 2024, they can be measured more than in recent years. Visit the 2024 Semester Salary Guide and Salary Calculator to view location-specific salary rates and geographic information for hundreds of positions.

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Robert Half has reported on salaries for more than 70 years. The 2024 Salary Guide features employment trends and starting salaries for hundreds of positions in finance and accounting, technology, management and customer support, marketing and innovation, legal, health, and human resources professions in the United States. The information in the guide is based on data from workplaces operated by Robert Half organizations across the United States, analyzes of each position’s needs, talent availability and other market conditions, and web surveys developed and conducted by Robert Half. he. private research firm.* The company produces Salary Guides in 18 countries.

* Includes responses from two surveys (collected May 2023 and August 2023) of over 1,000 workers aged 18 or over 2,000 employers in companies with 20 or more employees in America.

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