Self-service Business Intelligence Tools For Spotting Cryptocurrency Scams

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Self-service Business Intelligence Tools For Spotting Cryptocurrency Scams – These are just a few of the big business intelligence trends to watch in 2023. As technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see more and more innovative BI solutions in the coming years.

The growth of strategic vision believes that understanding the future will help organizations make better decisions today.

Self-service Business Intelligence Tools For Spotting Cryptocurrency Scams

Predictive vision empowers organizations with better preparedness in challenging market environments. Their analysts and consultants help organizations make decisions that guide their long-term business strategies.

Top 5 Trend Hunter Alternatives (2023)

Preparing businesses and governments to better adapt to future disruptive changes has been Quantumrun Foresight’s main focus since 2010.

An insight and foresight consulting firm, Quantumrun Foresight has commissioned information platforms and software (shown below!) to keep strategy, innovation, and R&D teams ahead of change. of a disruptive market, has contributed to the development of new products, services, regulations, and business models. .

Seeing the consequences around the world of the lack of institutions, companies, and even individuals to be prepared for dangerous events and situations, the Quantumrun team decided to automate and democratize the his information directly into the computer database for the payment form. The goal: To help individuals and companies of all sizes adapt to future market environments.

Quantumrun Foresight’s trend intelligence platform exposes customers to daily research, provides collaboration tools to organize and consolidate customer trend research over time, and transform in their research into new business perspectives.

Business Intelligence Trends 2023

Technical monitoring, industry monitoring, competitor alerts, regulatory monitoring: Quantumrun Foresight’s AI report aggregation simplifies your team’s daily research tasks. The main advantages are:

. Access daily reports written by experts. Manually add or import your team’s internal trend research to the site.

Consolidate your research into a reliable source. Increase collaboration between your team, partners, and customers. Embrace the use of a cloud-based storage system for your indexing needs. Empower your team to search, categorize, import, export, email and share information of any kind.

Turn your research lists into visualizations designed to automate strategic planning, simplify market segmentation, and scale product thinking.

How To Use Big Data To Understand Cryptocurrency?

This topic view automates the segmentation of your trend research using filters for age range, risk, and market impact, as well as targeting categories, industries, topics, and locations.

A Business subscription to the Quantumrun Foresight Platform is ideal for mid-sized teams who want access to a cutting-edge research engine, on-demand support services, and collaboration tools.

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How Cryptocurrency Is Benefiting From Big Data Analytics

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By Damianos P. Sakas Damianos P. Sakas Scilit Google Scholar 1 , Nikolaos T. Giannakopoulos Nikolaos T. Giannakopoulos Scilit Google Scholar 1, * , Nikos Kanells Nikos Kanells Scilit Google Scholar 1 and Christosos Tryfono Tryfonopoulos Scilit Google Scholar 2

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Business Communication and Communication Technologies in the Value Chain Laboratory (BICTEVAC LABORATORY), Department of Agriculture and Supply Chain Management, School of Applied Economics and Social Policy, Athens University of Agriculture, 118 55 Athens, Greece

Received: 29 April 2022 / Updated: 5 May 2022 / Accepted: 10 May 2022 / Published: 11 May 2022

(This article belongs to the Special Issue Empowering Smart Consumer Electronics: Opportunities from the Convergence of Sensors, AIoT, Cloud Services, Blockchain, and AR/VR)

Today, more than ever, the popularity of decentralized payment systems has increased, creating an explosion of new cryptocurrencies hitting the market. Unique websites are set up for each cryptocurrency, where information and methods for mining cryptocurrencies are available daily. People visit those cryptocurrency websites from desktop or mobile devices. So, there is a need for proper promotion of cryptocurrency websites and what the customers are dealing with. Doing the above will increase the visibility of the website of the cryptocurrency organizations, increase the need for customer relations and better optimization of the supply chain strategy of the organizations. Survey data was collected from the 10 most popular websites, across mobile and desktop devices, over a 180-day period, for on-site web analytics. Therefore, a three-part model is used. The initial part of the model is about the statistical analysis and reduction of cryptocurrency website analysis, followed by Fuzzy Information Mapping and Agent-Based Modeling. In this study, methods for promoting cryptocurrency websites can be determined from the assessment of specific website metrics and device preferences. Research results indicate that web analytics can better understand customer behavior in cryptocurrency websites and, therefore, provide opportunities for website optimization through increased web traffic. and digital name.

Institutional Investment: Due Diligence For Cryptocurrency

Currently, the interest in cryptocurrencies has led to the development of more than 1600 cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that can be exchanged online. Cryptographic encryption and digital certificates are used to validate transactions and prevent multiple spending of the same currency. By preventing users from returning the data that creates the currency, cryptocurrencies have brought the concept of vulnerability to the digital world [1]. Cryptocurrencies may be useful because their vulnerabilities are sustained by the encryption built into their transparent (human-checkable) code. In opposition to fiat money, bitcoin is created, exchanged, distributed, and protected through a decentralized registration process, called the blockchain. Bitcoin value is influenced by many factors, including world opinion, media, and buzz [2].

Although Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency, many other digital currencies have been created. Cryptocurrency assets are divided into wallets such as Ethereum, Ripple, and Dogecoin; stablecoins such as Binance USD and Tether; and symbols [3]. Bitcoin has features that traditional financial transaction channels do not have, such as the fact that the price of Bitcoin varies depending on the opinions and opinions of people and the actions of organizations. The increasing value of the crypto value leads to risky currency transactions [4].

However, this ever-growing financial sector is characterized by high volatility and large price fluctuations over time. Today, cryptocurrency forecasting is considered one of the most difficult real-time forecasts, due to the large number of unpredictable variables involved and the high volatility of cryptocurrency prices, ending in in difficult time relationships [5, 6]. With the exception of fiat currencies, which can be regulated by the government to prevent price bubbles, the distribution of cryptocurrency is designed to meet a specified path, making it more vulnerable to price fluctuations. The network connectivity of cryptocurrency is a second important asset. The benefit of the agreement for the user is determined by the amount of all users who can trade at any time [7].

Although blockchain technology was first used in the context of bitcoin, it has now spread to regular businesses, entrepreneurs, and everyday activities. It is used, for example, to provide another

Cryptojacking Demystified: Part 2

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