Self-service Business Intelligence Tools For Enhancing Cryptocurrency Trading Techniques

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Self-service Business Intelligence Tools For Enhancing Cryptocurrency Trading Techniques

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By Damianos B. Sakas Damianos b. Sakas Silit Google Scholar 1, Nikolaos T. Giannakopoulos Nikolaos T. Giannakopoulos Silett Google Scholar 1, *, Nikos Kanellos Nikos Kanellos Silett Google Scholar 1 and Christos Triphonopoulos Christos Triphonopoulos Silett Google Scholar 2

Laboratory of Business ICT in Value Chains (BICTEVAC Laboratory), Department of Agribusiness and Supply Chain Management, Faculty of Applied Economics and Social Sciences, Agricultural University of Athens, 118 55 Athens, Greece

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company

Received: April 29, 2022 / Revised: May 5, 2022 / Accepted: May 10, 2022 / Published: May 11, 2022

(This article belongs to the special issue Enabling Smart Consumer Electronics: Opportunities through Sensor Convergence, AIoT, Cloud Services, Blockchain, and AR/VR)

Today, more than ever, the popularity of decentralized payment systems has risen, leading to the proliferation of new cryptocurrencies on the market. Unique websites have been created for each cryptocurrency, where information and means for mining cryptocurrencies are available daily. People visit these cryptocurrency websites from either desktop or mobile devices. Thus, the motivation for proper promotion of cryptocurrency websites and the customer factors affecting them. The aforementioned process increases the visibility of the cryptocurrency institutions’ website, which increases the need for customer relationships and improves satisfaction with regards to the institutions’ supply chain strategy. Research data collected from 10 popular cryptocurrency websites, for mobile and desktop, in 180 days, for onsite web analytics. Therefore, a three-stage model was applied. The starting phase of the model is related to statistical analysis and regression analysis of cryptocurrency web analytics, followed by cognitive fuzzy mapping and agent-based model deployment. During this study, methods for promoting cryptocurrency websites can be inferred from an evaluation of specific website metrics and device preferences. Research results indicate that web analytics gives a clearer picture of customer behavior on cryptocurrency websites, thus providing opportunities for further website optimization by increasing web traffic and digital reputation.

Nowadays, the hype around cryptocurrencies has led to the development of more than 1,600 cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that can be transferred over the Internet. Cryptographic encryption and digital certificates are used to validate transactions and prevent multiple spending of the same currency. By preventing users from duplicating the data that makes up the currency, cryptocurrencies have brought the concept of imperfection into the digital world [1]. Cryptocurrencies may become profitable because their imperfection is maintained through cryptography built into their transparent code (which is usually auditable by anyone). Unlike fiat currency, Bitcoin is produced, exchanged, traded, and saved through a decentralized process of registration referred to as the blockchain. Bitcoin’s value is affected by a wide range of factors, including global public opinion, media, and hype [2].

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Although Bitcoin remains the most popular cryptocurrency, many other digital currencies have already been created. Cryptocurrency commodities are divided into cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Ripple, and Dogecoin; Stablecoins like Binance USD and Tether; And symbols[3]. Bitcoin has characteristics that traditional financial transaction channels did not have, such as the fact that the price of Bitcoin fluctuates based on people’s perceptions and views as well as institutional practices. The increased volatility in the value of the cryptocurrency leads to risky currency transactions [4].

However, this expanding financial sector is characterized by high volatility and sharp price changes over time. Today, cryptocurrency forecasting is widely regarded as one of the most difficult time-series forecasts, due to the multiplicity of unpredictability variables involved as well as large fluctuations in cryptocurrency prices, which culminate in complex time-series correlations [5, 6]. With the exception of fiat currencies, where the government may alter supply to counter price bubbles, cryptocurrency distribution is often designed to meet a predetermined path, making it more vulnerable to price fluctuations. The additional network factor of cryptocurrency is a second crucial characteristic. The acceptance advantage of a user is determined by the amount of all other users that can always trade [7].

While blockchain technologies were first used within the framework of bitcoins, they have now been extended to ordinary institutions, businesses, and day-to-day activities. It will be used, for example, to provide an alternative payment solution to credit cards or PayPal in e-commerce and global transactions [8]. Moreover, it has been integrated into financial institutions, as well as many other industries, with diverse applications ranging from facilitating and standardizing financial intermediation to monitoring traders’ loyalty cards, to creating decentralized marketplaces for business transactions [9]. It is already being used by Volkswagen and others for electricity exchange and network management, as well as by mobile phone companies such as Huawei and Apple that are creating blockchain-enabled devices to allow customers to pay with bitcoin through smartphones [10].

Big data and web analytics are central to our research, as they allow the analysis of elements that affect website performance, such as user engagement metrics. Big data is defined as a huge amount of information with enormous density and heterogeneity, whose speed exceeds the ability of current technology to manage it properly [11]. Web analytics entails the collection and analysis of massive amounts of data designed to validate and enhance the use of an organizations website [12]. Metrics are used by web analytics systems to reduce web traffic data into clear, easy-to-understand values. Clients use trade credit as a financial management tool to keep their organization’s current liquidity under control. From a firm’s point of view, trade credit enables it to establish an attractive payment schedule without compromising its profitability [13].

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The blockchain method is suitable for settings that require high levels of validation and validation, and can also respond to environmental modifications and regulatory measures, such as governing agencies [14]. Cryptocurrencies are a relatively new payment option that provides a competitive advantage for corporate websites [15]. As a result, key performance indicators (KPI) based on web analytics metrics [12] are a valuable measure for evaluating the completeness of site goals. Many indicators and KPIs are used in web analytics to collect Internet usage information in clear and convenient ways. Advertisers and analysts may use several methods to increase customer engagement [16], brand recognition [16, 17], and profitability [16, 17], as well as the digital payment alternatives that websites provide to users, increasing their value [18].

The main interest of this research was how exploring cryptocurrency website customer engagement metrics impacts organic traffic and rankings. Cryptocurrency institutions should pay more attention to the behavior of their website customers; Hence there is great potential for further digital promotion. Since they can showcase the effectiveness of their website’s digital promotion campaigns by increasing organic traffic and improving rankings, customer web analytics are essential metrics for evaluation.

Besides getting more attention, digital marketing is advertising products and services through mobile applications and business websites [19]. As a result, the company’s digital brand name and exposure will improve. Marketers use technological tools to provide a variety of direct and online advertising to attract customer engagement and enhance customer loyalty [20, 21]. For example, web analytics in digital advertising enables you to personalize customer experience [22]. The overall value of the service provided on corporate websites, as well as its compatibility with target customers, affects website traffic, customer engagement, and visibility [23].

Within this framework, the parameters under which cryptocurrency traders and clients mutually reinforce each other in terms of maintaining risky profits and retention benefits, respectively. On the one hand, customers benefit from network spillovers generated by speculative investors, which enhances user engagement. On the other hand, traders who expect a more steady flow of users to acquire cryptocurrencies may not have to rely as much on the trust of other traders to secure a return. Wei & Dukes [6] suggest that if an event increases the core of potential users, inflation of the cryptocurrency is likely to occur (but is unlikely to decline once it is created).

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