Self-service Business Intelligence Tools For Assessing Cryptocurrency Safety And Safety

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Self-service Business Intelligence Tools For Assessing Cryptocurrency Safety And Safety

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Business Information and Communication Technologies in Value Chains Laboratory (BICTEVAC Laboratory), Department of Agribusiness and Supply Chain Management, School of Applied Economics and Social Sciences, Agricultural University of Athens, 118 55 Athens, Greece

Challenges And Opportunities In Cryptocurrency Sanctions Compliance And How Blockchain Analysis Can Help

Received: 29 April 2022 / Revised: 5 May 2022 / Accepted: 10 May 2022 / Published: 11 May 2022

(This article belongs to the special issue of Empowering Smart Consumer Electronics: Opportunities through Convergence of Sensors, AIoT, Cloud Services, Blockchain and AR/VR)

Today, more than ever, the popularity of decentralized payment systems has increased, creating a proliferation of new cryptocurrencies hitting the market. Dedicated websites are established for each cryptocurrency where information and tools related to mining cryptocurrencies are available daily. People visit those cryptocurrency websites from desktop or mobile devices. Hence, the impetus for proper promotion of cryptocurrency websites and customer factors influencing it increases. The above process increases website visibility of cryptocurrency firms, increases the need for customer relationships, and optimizes satisfaction related to firms’ supply chain strategy. Research data was collected from 10 popular cryptocurrency websites across mobile and desktop devices over 180 days for on-site web analytics. Therefore, a three-stage model was applied. The initial phase of the model concerns statistical and regression analysis of cryptocurrency web analytics, followed by fuzzy cognitive mapping and agent-based model expansion. Throughout this study, methods for promoting cryptocurrency websites can be deduced from assessing specific website metrics and device preferences. Research findings suggest that web analytics give a clearer picture of customer behavior on cryptocurrency websites and, therefore, provide opportunities for further website optimization through increased web traffic and digital reputation.

Nowadays, the hype about cryptocurrencies has led to the development of more than 1600 cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are digital coins that can be transferred online. Cryptographic encryption and digital certificates are used to verify transactions and prevent multiple spending of the same coin. By prohibiting users from replicating the data that creates the coins, cryptocurrencies have brought the concept of scarcity to the digital realm [1]. Cryptocurrencies can become profitable because their scarcity is managed by encryption built into their transparent code (which can usually be audited by anyone). Unlike fiat currency, Bitcoin is generated, exchanged, distributed and stored through a decentralized registration process and is referred to as the blockchain. Bitcoin’s value is influenced by a variety of factors, including global opinion, media, and buzz [2].

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Although Bitcoin is still the most popular cryptocurrency, many other digital currencies have already been created. Cryptocurrency commodities are divided into cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Ripple and Dogecoin; stablecoins such as Binance USD and Tether; and tokens [3]. Bitcoin has characteristics that traditional financial transactions do not, in that the price of Bitcoin fluctuates based on public perceptions and views as well as institutional practices. The increasing volatility of crypto value leads to risky currency transactions [4].

However, this ever-expanding financial sector is marked by significant volatility and sharp price differences over time. Today, cryptocurrency forecasting is considered one of the most difficult time-series forecasts, due to the many unpredictability variables and significant volatility of cryptocurrency prices, ending up with complex chronological correlations [5, 6]. With the exception of fiat currencies, where the government can alter supply to combat price bubbles, cryptocurrency distribution is often structured along a predefined path, making it more susceptible to price fluctuations. A second key asset is the additional network aspect of cryptocurrency. The benefit of acceptance to a user is always determined by the amount of other users who can trade [7].

Although blockchain technologies were first used in the framework of Bitcoin, they have now expanded to ordinary organizations, entrepreneurs, and day-to-day operations. For example, it is used to provide an alternative payment solution to credit cards or PayPal in e-commerce and worldwide transactions [8]. Furthermore, it has been integrated into financial institutions as well as many other industries, with diverse applications ranging from facilitating and authenticating financial intermediation to monitoring trader loyalty cards and even building decentralized markets for commercial transactions [9]. It is already being used by Volkswagen and others for power conversion and grid management, and mobile companies such as Huawei and Apple are creating blockchain-enabled devices to allow consumers to pay in Bitcoin via smartphones [10].

Big data and web analytics are key elements of our research, enabling the analysis of factors that influence website performance, such as user engagement metrics. Big data is defined as a vast amount of information with both massive density and heterogeneity, the speed of which exceeds the current technological capacity to properly handle it [11]. Web analytics is the collection and analysis of large volumes of data designed to inspect and improve organizations’ site web usability [12]. Metrics are used by web analytics systems to reduce web traffic data to simple values ​​that are easy to understand. Consumers use trade credit as a financial management tool to keep their company’s current liquidity under control. From a company’s perspective, trade credit allows them to create an attractive payment schedule without harming their profitability [13].

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The blockchain method is suitable for settings that demand a high level of authentication and verification, and it is also responsive to environmental changes and regulatory actions such as governing agencies [14]. Cryptocurrencies are a relatively new payment option that gives company websites a competitive edge [15]. As a result, key performance indicators (KPI) based on web analytic metrics [12] are a valuable measure to evaluate site goal completion. Many indicators and KPIs are used in web analytics to collect internet usage information in understandable and convenient ways. In terms of consumer engagement [16], brand recognition [16, 17] and profitability [16, 17], advertisers and analysts can use several methods to increase the value of digital payment alternatives that websites offer to consumers [18] .

The main interest of this research is how the exploration of cryptocurrency website customers’ engagement metrics affects their organic traffic and global rank. Cryptocurrency firms should pay more attention to the behavior of customers of their websites; Hence there is great scope for more digital promotion. Customers’ web analytics are key metrics to evaluate, as they can demonstrate the effectiveness of their website’s digital promotion campaigns through increased organic traffic and improved global rank.

Also gaining more attention, digital marketing promotes products and services through mobile applications and business websites [19]. Consequently, corporate digital brand name and exposure will improve. Marketers use technological tools to deliver various forms of direct and online advertising to attract consumer engagement and increase client loyalty [20, 21]. Web analytics in digital advertising, for example, allow you to customize the customer experience [22]. The overall value of the service provided on corporate websites, as well as their compatibility with targeted customers, affects website traffic, customer engagement and visibility [23].

In this framework, the mutually reinforcing parameters of cryptocurrency traders and customers are the pursuit of risky profits and retention benefits, respectively. On the one hand, customers benefit from network spillovers generated by speculative investors, encouraging customer engagement. Merchants who expect a steady flow of users to acquire cryptocurrency, on the other hand, do not need to rely heavily on the trust of their fellow merchants to generate revenue. Wei & Dukes [6] suggest that if an event increases the core of prospective users, cryptocurrency inflation is more likely to arise (although less likely to occur when created).

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