Gartner Magic Quadrant For Self-service Business Intelligence: A Relative Examine

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Gartner Magic Quadrant For Self-service Business Intelligence: A Relative Examine – For more than 10 years, Gartner has published its platform Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence, and 2023 is no exception. Over the years, both Salesforce’s Tableau and Microsoft’s Power BI have consistently shown solid performance and strong capabilities within the leadership pool. Positioning itself ahead of Tableau is not only a result of rapid development cycles and the addition of new functionality. only on a regular basis but also a result of the redefining of the criteria underlying these annual Magic Quadrants.

Below, I’ll summarize Gartner’s definitions and market overview, key platform capabilities. Assessment Criteria And summarize the strengths and caveats of the following vendors:

Gartner Magic Quadrant For Self-service Business Intelligence: A Relative Examine

Get a full copy of the Gartner Reprint via the Tableau page: Registration is required to access reports.

Gartner: Microsoft Named Magic Quadrant Leader 9 Years Running

The Analytics and Business Intelligence (ABI) platform allows users to be less technical. This includes business people, able to simulate, analyze, explore, share and manage data. and collaborate and share their findings. which is enabled by IT and augmented by artificial intelligence (AI).

The presence of major Cloud ERP and CRM application providers also influences considerations for choosing an ABI platform. On the one hand, cloud-led procurement inevitably creates lock-in concerns. and the unprecedented cost of data and analytics portfolios. Cloud providers, on the other hand, recognize the importance of openness in their software stacks. and the growing importance of the approach “Multicloud” in which organizations Run applications on and across multiple cloud offerings such as Databricks and Snowflake.

As one might expect, especially in the Netherlands. One such vendor, Microsoft, dominates the market in terms of user adoption. The tremendous growth of Microsoft Power BI continues. This is largely driven by the integration of this product with Office 365 (at the E5 license level) at a significantly reduced price and ease of installation through the Windows Store. Take your platform These should not be the only considerations when choosing an ABI platform, as shown below examining the strengths and weaknesses of the chosen vendor.

Based on the functionality of the Gartner ABI platform, it includes the following 12 key capabilities. It has been updated to reflect market changes, nuances and customer needs:

Smart Data Discovery

Gartner has removed three key capabilities from its evaluation criteria: security, natural language generation (NLG, integrated with data storytelling), and cloud analytics. And one of the security sub-criteria around permission granularity (such as row-based security) has been moved to enterprise reporting capabilities.

Tableau’s products are mainly focused on visual exploration. It enables business users to access, prepare, analyze, and present findings in their data. CRM Analytics, formerly Tableau CRM, provides additional analytical capabilities for analysts and citizen data scientists. Further empowering consumer vision to provide contextual insights with deeper integrations with Salesforce Data Cloud.

Power BI, Microsoft’s flagship ABI platform, has huge market reach and momentum through Microsoft 365, Azure and Teams integration, flexible pricing, better-than-average functionality. and an ambitious product roadmap.

Google Cloud’s Looker is a cloud-designed ABI platform that offers highly regulated analytics. Includes visualizations and self-service dashboards. Looker’s developer-focused analytics platform provides a version-controlled interoperability framework to build both internal BI and help customers build applications.

Microsoft Again Recognized As A Leader In Gartner Magic Quadrant For Content Services Platforms

SAP Analytics Cloud is a cloud-based, multi-tenant platform that offers a rich set of additional visualization, reporting, and analytics capabilities. Combine analytics and organizational planning to create end-to-end processes from insights to business execution. The analytics application’s low-code and advanced capabilities offer component-based analytics applications for line-of-business. by improving data integration and modeling capabilities Especially in taking advantage of the full context of SAP data and application ecosystems.

Qlik’s flagship product is Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS, which includes Qlik Sense, Qlik AutoML, and Qlik Application Automation. Qlik is cloud service agnostic and offers the highest level of collaboration for any cloud service provider. The trio of majors (AWS, Microsoft, and Google), along with partnerships with Databricks and Snowflake, yesterday Gartner published its 2018 Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence. MQ research for BI has been around for nearly a decade. It is a reference material for business intelligence technology buyers.

According to value It doesn’t seem like much has changed…but if you look closely, You’ll notice that the biggest change in the history of the Magic Quadrant has just happened…

This is the first time in three years that Gartner has removed vendors from its quadrant. In 2016 and 2017, there were 24 vendors in the company’s quadrant. This year, the Magic Quadrant lists just 20 vendors. Income only…that’s a 16% quadrant drop. Y market?!

Power Bi Tops Gartner Magic Quadrant — Fulton Analytics

Not quite right: the market is evolving….and in a very predictable way. Take a look at the 3-year movement analysis chart below: We see relatively consistent stories, such as getting bigger, some visionaries becoming obsessed (or disappearing), and a few ‘trendsetters’ graduating. More precisely:

You will find copies of the Magic Quadrant on the websites of some providers. And we are sure your team is looking forward to reading more than 60 pages of documentation. We encourage them to focus on Some of the “planning assumptions” highlighted on the first page of the document. especially:

We believe Gartner is on a key topic here: Business Intelligence is about Business Value The “self-service BI” trend that drove the industry’s 60% YOY growth in 2015 had an unintended impact: Organizations buy tools. Lots of BI, some bring value, some don’t. As a result: In 2017, the market only grew about 10%, and Gartner now expects the market to grow at 8% through 2021.

This Magic Quadrant was supposed to go live on February 16th, according to Gartner’s website. We can only guess that the reason it took a few more weeks is because of some drastic new changes that have been made in this year’s edition.

Gartner: Il Self Service Rivoluziona Il Mondo Bi E Analytics. «ma Business E It Devono Collaborare»

Some of the biggest players in the tech industry weren’t in this year’s report: Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) and Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) are beginning to build a growing influence in the space. They both have the ability to create images. Surprisingly, they are mentioned only a few times in the report: Amazon is mentioned 8 times, Google is mentioned only 4 times…

It’s hard to point to the past three years and predict exactly what the next three will bring. However, we hope that our three-year dynamics chart will help you make a very rational choice for your organization. climb In addition to the table Here are some additional considerations:

Now, as we explained in our MQ analytics webinar (note here), remember that criteria change all the time. Movement is a multifactorial factor: Seller competence. but also Gartner methodologies each year.

Reference: Gartner, Inc., “Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms,” by Cindi Howson, Rita L. Sallam, James Laurence Richardson, Joao Tapadinhas, Carlie J. Idoine, Alys Woodward, February 26, 2018.

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