Demystifying The Gartner Magic Quadrant For Self-service Business Intelligence

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Demystifying The Gartner Magic Quadrant For Self-service Business Intelligence – Thursday, December 29, 2022 1:35 PM Gartner’s Magic Quadrant shows the same leaders, but on the surface Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is gaining ground.

AWS has welcomed Gartner’s recognition as a leader in its annual Magic Quadrant cloud infrastructure research report, but a closer look reveals the real news is the leaps and bounds Oracle is making.

Demystifying The Gartner Magic Quadrant For Self-service Business Intelligence

AWS was named a leader for the 12th year in a row, with Gartner noting that the company has the most breadth and depth of any provider in the cloud infrastructure and platform services (CIPS) market.

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Microsoft and Google have made some gains in the AWS space, celebrating a repeat position in the leadership quadrant — a position that, while still comfortably at the top, isn’t far off.

After all, AWS is the leading hyperscaler, and it’s no surprise that Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform are next. But it might surprise you that Oracle, which launched in late 2016, has made the leap from niche player to visionary and enjoyed steady growth.

Here you can see the magic quadrant of 2022. If you’re on the mailing lists of the big cloud providers, you’ve probably already seen it, as they’ve been eager to mark their top roles.

Overlayed the 2022 quadrant with the 2020 quadrant to give an interesting picture of what has changed in the last two years, and I think it’s much more interesting. Here we see a jump in OCI.

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Gartner said this would counter Oracle’s historically poor reputation in some quarters due to strict compliance, aggressive sales and inconsistent support. In other words, OCI’s growth is driven primarily by those who like Oracle and find appeal in the offering, rather than those who choose OCI because of brand loyalty.

It’s clear that Oracle is doing something right to achieve the growth it’s seeing, and in fact, Oracle is lagging behind the competition in certain areas.

One of them is the sovereign cloud. This special subset represents isolated in-country platforms with independent authentication, compliance and compliance requirements mandated by governments. The competition has sovereign cloud offerings and indeed within Australia AWS, Azure, Google, IBM, Macquarie Telecom, NEXTDC and Equinix, including Oracle, are federal government certified strategic providers.

But overall, according to Gartner, the AWS approach is “cowardly”, and Oracle – which has been working with governments around the world for several decades – has turned the sovereign cloud into a clear and advanced strategic policy.

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The second factor, and in my opinion the more important factor, is that Oracle has more flexibility than any of its competitors in determining the size of a virtual machine.

When you choose an AWS EC2 or Azure virtual machine, you choose a predefined configuration of CPU cores and RAM. These add up together, meaning that if you need a certain amount of RAM for an in-memory cache, you should get a higher number of CPU cores that come with it, regardless of how compute-intensive your requirements are.

From its inception, Oracle began life by offering flexible sizing. You can explore this by choosing a calculation in the OCI cost estimator, and then you’ll be presented with options to increase or decrease the amount of CPU and RAM to suit your goals. There are some caveats; you have limits on the total amount of RAM and processors and the amount of RAM per CPU, but for the most part it’s a choose your own adventure if you have reason to go beyond the pre-made forms.

A practical example is iLiveIT; this business provides a hyper-personalized customer experience. For example, think of an electricity bill or other invoice. Instead of getting the old form like everyone else, iLiveIT can send you a video explanation that will walk you through your specific bill and recommend different plans or other content tailored and tailored to your situation. iLiveIT COO Rian Groenwald previously explained

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They evaluated other cloud providers, but this Oracle flexible configuration allowed them to do what they did by mixing CPU and RAM and providing raw power as needed at a cost-effective price.

I was already curious. It makes sense that AWS (say) provides machines of a certain configuration to optimize the utilization of the underlying hardware. Let’s say you have a physical server in your rack with 128 cores and 512 GB of RAM. So you can offer 64 virtual machines with two cores and 8 GB of RAM, or 32 virtual machines with four cores and 16 GB of RAM, or 16 virtual machines with eight cores and 32 GB of RAM, or any other configuration, and finally build them like a Tetris building. You can concentrate on the hardware. blocks.

Conversely, if you allow the user to choose the amount of RAM and CPU they want, it becomes much more difficult to make optimal use of your hardware. Well, I would think so too.

Wanting to understand this, I previously raised it with OCI VP Product Karan Batta. This was back in 2018, but his words have always stuck with me; he said what I thought was true but “we put the customer’s best interest before our own needs”.

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“Why limited to shapes and sizes? The main secret sauce of Oracle Cloud is the garbage can – our virtualization stack, I/O virtualization, business logic runs outside the machine. It’s a unique piece of silicon that allows us to provide exactly what the customer wants. The customer simply selects the number of cores and the amount of RAM and they’re done,” Batta explained.

I spoke with Batta again in 2020, and he told me that at that time, OCI had made the Nvidia A100 Tensor Core GPU available in bare-metal instances—the processor intensive for complex AI models and deep learning systems. “We have the largest, most efficient and most cost-effective A100 offering in the cloud, as we offer twice the memory and more local storage than the competition. This is the GPU model that customers have been waiting for as they move to the cloud and deliver significant breakthroughs,” he said.

I’ve spent a lot of time talking to AWS executives and product teams, and I’ve published many AWS products. The same is true for Azure. However, my personal experience is that while these companies are talking about their impressive and ongoing new capabilities, only Karan Batta from OCI is enthusiastic about the platform’s core hardware. Gartner emphasizes that OCI are innovative competitors, and I wholeheartedly believe that the hardware side is an important part of that.

There is more to say; Oracle is committed to delivering on-premises cloud for governments and large enterprises that need the flexibility of the cloud but on-premises security, and it always has a free tier that offers more for free than the competition.

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Putting it all together, the real message in Gartner’s latest Magic Quadrant is why the top dog is still not the top dog; OCI is significantly moving and growing.

Would like to emphasize the success. However, Alibaba is a riskier choice for those doing business outside of China and Southeast Asia. Furthermore, Alibaba’s leadership in the region may decline due to regulatory influence, along with highly active Chinese competitors such as Huawei and Tencent, which appeared in Gartner’s quadrant for the first time in 2022.)

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