Comparing Compensation: Business Intelligence Salary Benchmarks

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Comparing Compensation: Business Intelligence Salary Benchmarks – Summary. By aligning the financial incentives of executives with the company’s strategy, a firm can inspire its management to deliver superior results. But it can be difficult to get good pay packages. In this article four experts break down the key elements of compensation and explain how to put them together effectively. When designing packages, boards must make decisions about the proportion of fixed versus variable pay, short-term versus long-term incentives, cash versus equity, and group versus individual rewards. Many look at the abundant data available on executive pay and align their plans with those of their industry peers. The mix is ​​also driven by company size, region, culture, and risk appetite. However, a good plan always starts with the firm’s strategic goals. Is the company striving for profitable growth, turnaround, or transformation? Is it trying to compete with public companies as a private entity? Each scenario calls for a different plan design. The economic crisis related to Covid can also change the plans. If targets cannot be met, incentives lose their power and need to be revised—offering firms a chance to incorporate measures that better serve stakeholders’ interests.

The company must start with a clear strategic goal and then consider various trade-offs as it designs compensation packages.

Comparing Compensation: Business Intelligence Salary Benchmarks

Decisions about executive pay can have an indelible impact on a company. When compensation is carefully managed, it aligns people’s behavior with the company’s strategy and generates better performance. When it is mismanaged, the effects can be devastating: the loss of key talent, demotivation, misaligned goals, and poor shareholder returns. Because of the large stakes, it is critical for boards and management teams to get good compensation. Have you ever wondered how much money data scientists make? I have, and I bet you have too. I mean, who doesn’t want to know how much you can earn in this cool field?

Compensation Packages That Actually Drive Performance

Picture this: You love data, you’re a pro at it, or maybe you’re hiring data experts. You probably asked,

So, grab a cozy spot, maybe a cup of coffee, and let’s dive into the world of data science salaries together. I promise it will be an enlightening ride! 🌟

Data Preparation: Before diving into the analysis, I cleaned and organized the data. I removed the duplicates, handled the missing information, and got everything neat and tidy.

Analysis Tools: For analysis, I used Power BI. It’s user-friendly and great for making interactive charts, which is a perfect fit for our data science salary study.

Korn Ferry Pay

During the period from 2020 to 2023, it is evident that salaries initially experienced a slight decrease in 2021, with a decrease of approximately 3.88%. However, this decline was followed by a substantial growth trend in the following years. Salaries increased by approximately 32.32% from 2021 to 2022 and continued to increase with a growth rate of approximately 16.79% from 2022 to 2023.

Also, 2020 was a tricky year because of the pandemic, and it affected the economy, jobs, and how much people were paid. Therefore, the slight decrease in 2021 could have been due to these hard times. But here’s the silver lining: after that, salaries went on a positive streak.

I then created a pie chart to show the various job options in the data science field. This table had four parts, each representing a different way that data scientists can work.

I used a grouped bar chart as the ideal tool to compare the average salaries in USD based on the type of job and the size of the company. The knowledge I discovered was quite interesting:

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Full-Time vs. Part-Time vs. Freelance vs. Contract: The table shows substantial differences in average salaries based on the type of employment. Full-time employees tend to have the highest average salaries, followed by contract workers and Part-time employees. Freelancers generally earn less on average. This suggests that full-time positions and contract opportunities often come with higher compensation, reflecting the level of commitment and specialization required.

Small Companies vs. Large Companies: In any type of employment, it is notable that medium-sized companies tend to offer higher average salaries. For example, in the full-time category, employees in sizeable companies often enjoy higher average salaries compared to those in small or large enterprises. This trend can be attributed to the competitive compensation packages and resource allocation within small companies.

High-Earning Job Titles: Among the top 25 job titles, certain roles are consistently seen as high-earning with well-above-average salaries. roles such as Director of Data Science, machine learning engineer, Data Science managers to name but a few, These roles often require specialized skills or extensive experience. Professionals who aspire to higher income levels may consider pursuing careers in these fields

These insights provide a comprehensive understanding of the variations in average salaries among the top 25 job titles, helping both job seekers and employers make more informed decisions about career choices and hiring strategies. ‘ compensation.

Big 4 Salary Comparison. Collated Some Data Points…

The analysis highlights the correlation between the level of competence and compensation. Professionals who have gained more experience and expertise tend to earn higher salaries. This trend underlines the importance of skill development and career advancement to maximize earning potential.

In addition, the analysis of average salaries by company location and level of expertise, visualized on a map, illuminates the role of location and expertise in shaping compensation levels . These insights can guide job seekers, employers and policy makers to make informed decisions related to career choices, compensation strategies, and regional workforce planning.

In summary, when looking at data science salary trends from 2020 to 2023, we noticed some interesting observations. It appeared that there was a possible reduction in salaries around 2021, which could be linked to significant global events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, but this is open to interpretation.

However, in the following years, salaries appeared to have returned, which suggests that the field can adapt to changing circumstances. We also found that salaries vary significantly by job type, company size, job title, location, and experience level. Roles in high demand and specialist positions tend to have higher salaries, but the reasons behind these differences are worth exploring further.

How To Do Salary Benchmarking In 2023: Your Go To Guide

For those entering the data science job market, here are some simple steps to think about. Job seekers should think carefully about their career goals and salary expectations when choosing where to work and what type of work to pursue, especially in uncertain times. Focusing on developing their skills and advancing their careers can potentially lead to better pay.

If you’re an employer, it’s smart to check whether your salaries are in line with others in your field, bearing in mind that the location and experience of your employees can affect pay. Policy makers can think of ways to support skills development and ensure that salaries are fair in different regions. Finally, open discussions about pay can help ensure fairness for everyone involved, especially when dealing with a changing landscape.

Thanks for reading! ❤️ If you enjoyed this, stay tuned for more data insights and fun. Sending smiles and love! 😊💕

Data Analyst | Advocate SDG 4 & 5 | Founder of DatagirlsTZ a platform that aims to empower young girls in Tanzania through Data Literacy. Salary is important but little data is available on the subject. We collected data from public sources on compensation from reported salaries and job listings to compile European data salaries by seniority, location and company.

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Our benchmark looks at total compensation which also includes stock awards and bonuses to give the fairest comparison. We only looked at data for individual contributors (IC). While we cannot guarantee the accuracy of all data, it should give a good indication of compensation in data roles in Europe. For ease of comparison we have converted all numbers to USD ($).

Sampling a dozen records from our data set gives a rough estimate of the pay expectations you should have at each seniority level but also shows that there is a lot of variation.

The goal with the benchmark is to provide an evidence-based approach to evaluating compensation by seniority, location and company.

We looked at the level of experience required in the job listings and the years of experience for self-reported data points to assess seniority. Unsurprisingly, compensation is highly correlated with experience.

How To Run A Salary Benchmarking Exercise For The First Time

For each year of experience from year 0 to 6 there is a clear positive correlation between years of experience and salary. But after year 6 this is no longer the case. In other words, people in IC data roles are rewarded for more experience by year 6. This can be explained by the fact that the data industry has changed rapidly and most of the skills and the most sought after technologies have only come around in the last few years. .

Company is a strong predictor for compensation at all levels of seniority with international technology companies such as Google and Meta have some salaries of $ 150k reported in the range of average experience.

Our data set includes data points from all over Europe but in this part of the analysis we focused on Berlin, Munich, Amsterdam, London and Dublin as these had the most -data available. Cities such as Lisbon, Stockholm and Barcelona could also have been included.

Big tech companies like Amazon, Meta and Microsoft generally pay better. They have a larger presence in London and

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