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What is business intelligence? What is the difference between Business Intelligence and Data Analytics? We’re kicking off this lucrative career with Candice Perriera-Roberts, a General Assembly instructor with 20 years of data experience. Learn about BI analyst careers and average salaries, how to learn business intelligence (spoiler alert: you don’t need a data degree), and what personality traits make a great business analyst.

Business Intelligence Tasks Chicago

I’ve worked with data in one form or another for about 20 years, including as a business analyst, data warehouse developer/analyst, business intelligence analyst, data engineer, lead data analysis instructor, and more.

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I originally started with GA teaching SQL workshops at their Atlanta campus and that grew into other data related workshops/training workshops and becoming a Data Analytics Online instructor for Atlanta as well. When I was offered a role teaching courses in my field for GA, I was thrilled to be able to share my knowledge with others who wanted to explore the field.

Business intelligence (BI) combines strategies, procedures, and technologies that center around data. BI includes common functions such as data mining, process analysis, data visualization and analytics, performance management, predictive/prescriptive analytics, reporting and dashboards. BI may have members such as visualization and data analysts, data engineers, business intelligence analysts, and data scientists.

Can you give us an example of a problem/question that a BI analyst might be asked to solve on the job?

The work of a Business Intelligence analyst depends on the company, but most often the questions are about KPIs. How does the company work? What are sales markers? A BI analyst will answer these questions from top to bottom. Let’s say, for example, that my company’s sales are down. The BI analyst will be tasked with finding out if this decline is coming from a specific region, a specific product/service, a specific sales representative, etc.

Business Analytics Specialist Resume Samples

BI analysts generally work to ensure data from sources is ready to use and work with other roles such as database administrators and data engineers. Data analysts work more closely with customers (internal and external) to meet their data needs and collaborate with BI analysts. Many times these roles are actually mixed. offers a list of tasks for each role.

Anyone who wants to get into BI needs to have knowledge and skills, both technical and non-technical. This list is not exhaustive, but highlights a few that will serve analytics well.

You don’t have to have a technical background, but be willing to learn the technical side of the job. Having business experience is actually useful because it can help understand business issues, understand the business itself, and create understanding for stakeholders. It helps to ask the right questions to understand the needs of the business. Technical knowledge is useful in this field because you can provide insight into what can be done. As you move deeper from a data analyst role to a BI analyst role and combine the two, additional technical skills such as SQL will be required. I would recommend anyone who works with data to be well versed in Excel, SQL, and a visualization tool like Tableau.

Glassdoor actually has a nice track that includes salaries and transition jobs. How to Become a BI Analyst: Complete Career | Glass doors. Typical career path: Start as BI Analyst, then Sr. BI Analyst, then Lead BI Analyst, then Director of Business Intelligence.

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General Assembly’s Data Analytics Bootcamp can jump-start your career in this field.

How did you usually become a business intelligence analyst before training? Is business intelligence a skill set that can be learned in training? Why

I personally didn’t get a degree in data, but learned on the job throughout my career and actually learned SQL. I ended up with a Masters in Computer Information Systems, but not necessarily for a career in Business Intelligence! At the General Assembly data analysis training, we teach not only the tools, but also how to formulate a hypothesis and work through an empirical process. Students create an Excel project, then a SQL project, and finally a Tableau project.

You can learn different tools and methods for business intelligence in different programs, such as General Assembly or micro-masters, offered by different colleges (they are longer). There are “boot camp programs” but they usually last more than one day. There are also complete programs in data analysis.

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Depending on interest level, experience, financial commitment, etc., the boot camp is a launching pad for a career in data/BI. This is a career path where we are constantly learning and acquiring new skills.

Business intelligence analysts can work in anything from a start-up to a large corporation. Typically, you’ll find business intelligence teams in mid- to large-sized companies.

BI works in many areas of business, it just depends on the organization. BI should generally help deliver information to help the organization achieve its goals. To do this, BI must collaborate with both IT and business departments.

There are many additional certifications that can be earned, including the Certified Business Intelligence Professional – CBIP. Here is a list of certifications from that you may be interested in.

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I would start with a program like the General Assembly Data Analytics Course. This is a great start to such a career. There are additional places to learn about data analytics, such as Data Camp, Coursera, Udemy, and more. Here is a list of additional programs:

Chat sessions online and in person (if possible due to COVID), has groups in various cities for those interested in data. Research what analysts need as the market is constantly changing. Never stop learning!

Learn more and read General Assembly reviews at Course Report. This article was produced by the Course Report team in partnership with General Assembly.

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Talented Business Intelligence Analyst and Database Administrator with 13 years of diverse experience in Database Development and Administration, Data Modeling, Data Warehousing, ERP, CRM, Enterprise Systems Architecture and Business Intelligence (BI), based in Dubai.

Broad technical skills and deep understanding of Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, database and systems administration. Strong collaborator and team player with excellent communication skills and analytical problem solving experience.

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Create a supply chain management system to solve the challenges faced by hospitals to ensure better resource management and budget monitoring

Writing a resume for a business intelligence analyst position is not an easy task. Making sure your resume accurately reflects your skills and experience takes a lot of research, thought, and attention to detail. The resume should be tailored to the specific position you are applying for and should include information about your experience and qualifications in the field.

When creating a resume for a business intelligence analyst position, it’s important to include key elements such as education, certifications, and technical skills. Your education should include

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