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Business Intelligence Gaji – Have you ever heard the term business intelligence? If you’re not familiar, that’s normal because the term is fairly new in the business world.

Although it may still sound strange, business intelligence (BI) is a very important part of business. Especially those related to analyzing, integrating, storing and accessing large amounts of data needed for business decisions.

Business Intelligence Gaji

We understand that every business we work with needs to be monitored to accurately measure its performance. So we can rely on business intelligence to measure business performance.

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Yes, the business intelligence profession relies on data and turns it into a business perspective for the company or client it works for. However, with such an important role, is the role of business intelligence really that simple? Is he just a data savvy and business savvy person?

So, in this article, we will look at what business intelligence is, its benefits for business, tasks and salary. Let’s immediately consider the following review:

To delve deeper into the role of a business intelligence officer, it is best to first understand what business intelligence is. Business Intelligence is a role within a company responsible for finding ways to analyze data relevant to the company’s business.

It can be said that the responsibility of business intelligence in the company is very big. Because its activity is closely related to future business development. His work relies on a lot of data to analyze and turn them into new opportunities or achievements for business development.

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Many people equate business intelligence with business analysts. Indeed, both are important, but they have fundamental differences. It’s that simple. While business analysts have duties limited to data analysis, business intelligence is responsible for explaining the results of the analysis.

There are several things that make the availability of business intelligence very important for companies in business development. Here is the description:

An example of this can be given. Based on the data collected from all points of sale, the company’s business intelligence can analyze sales trends and volumes every year. If you already know the trends and volumes, companies no longer need to bother building warehouses to store inventory. Companies can order directly from manufacturers according to their needs. This reduces warehouse costs and other costs, right!

In general, the tasks of a business intelligence officer are divided into 3 main stages, namely ETL, data warehouse and BI results. Here is the explanation:

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The main task of business intelligence is extract, transform, load (ETL). Simply put, ETL is the process of extracting data. Since the data cannot be used directly, several steps must be performed:

The database is the place to store all the databases obtained in the first step. In this phase, business intelligence divides the data warehouse into multiple data marts as needed.

The final work process of the business intelligence consists of using the information obtained from the previous processes for various purposes. For example:

Today’s business competition requires companies to constantly monitor their business development. This is why business intelligence is so important for companies.

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From the above explanations, it can be concluded that the position of business intelligence in the company is very important. It is therefore not surprising that the salary offered is usually high. In addition, many human resources do not have business intelligence qualifications, a profession that still has good prospects.

Then, with such complex roles and responsibilities, what is the approximate salary of a business intelligence officer? If you refer to the data of Indeed, the average basic salary for a business intelligence in Indonesia is 15 million IDR. Not bad, right!

So, are you interested in becoming a business intelligence officer? If you’re interested, you should learn a few skills for business intelligence.

This is a review of what business intelligence is, its benefits for business, its tasks and salary. The online learning platform has interesting courses for those who want to learn and make a career as a business intelligence. You can take a lesson on How to Measure and Improve Business Performance (Business Intelligence Cockpit). The technology industry is a highly competitive industry and is constantly evolving, and in an ever-evolving industry, companies need to leverage all the assets they have. staying one step ahead of the competition.

Business Intelligence: Definisi Dan Skill Yang Harus Dimiliki

Business intelligence is a system aimed at finding insights from the results of analyzing large volumes of business data and information belonging to a company.

This data is produced and analyzed to inform companies in making business decisions, to realize the full potential of the data that the company has and to provide valuable insights for the business.

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A business intelligence analyst is a role that is responsible for researching data relevant to a company and turning that data into valuable insight.

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Business intelligence analysts help companies make business decisions that can affect the company’s performance based on the company’s business performance.

Simply put, a business intelligence analyst is a role that works in a business intelligence system and works to analyze data for the benefit and progress of the business.

One of their primary roles and responsibilities is to collect, clean and analyze data, write data collection and collection procedures, and ensure that data is captured, collected and analyzed appropriately. is to process business-related data by providing.

A second role and responsibility of a business intelligence analyst is to find patterns in areas that have the potential to improve business performance, such as:

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The next role and responsibility of a business intelligence analyst is to visually communicate findings from data processing using graphs and charts to present insights to clients or teams, as well as reporting the results of data findings to management.

As someone who takes on the role of a business intelligence analyst in a business or company, there are skills that an individual must master and possess.

A business intelligence analyst must have analytical skills that enable them to search for information relevant to an individual and interpret that information to help a company or business make decisions.

The ability to conduct research helps a business intelligence analyst analyze data from ongoing market trends.

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Business intelligence analysts must be able to identify existing problems and provide solutions that help companies make decisions.

Data is a part of business intelligence, and a business intelligence analyst should be proficient and proficient in storing, organizing, tracking, and managing data using applications such as Excel and SQL (Structured Query Language) is the most basic.

Additionally, skills related to data analytics applications that offer machine learning solutions are in demand among business intelligence analysts.

SPSS, SAS, Sage, Mathematica, Excel or even Sheets are some of the tools that should be mastered depending on the industry and company needs.

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A business intelligence analyst needs to know programming languages ​​like Python or R, because you need a system to use to analyze big data, visualize and monitor key aspects of the business – this can only be done through programming. This is also the main thing in business intelligence.

Therefore, familiarity with programming languages ​​is also one of the requirements on the job listing as a business intelligence analyst.

Knowledge of using software such as Tableau or Power BI is usually one of the requirements for business intelligence analysts. Because again, the data being analyzed needs to be displayed visually so that insights or insights from the data can be more easily shared with other stakeholders.

Tableau and Power BI are software that help a business intelligence analyst create data visualizations in the form of graphs, charts, and other forms of data visualization.

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Communication skills are a must and will be very helpful in creating reports and communicating them clearly and concisely to share with team members, management or stakeholders.

Business intelligence analysts must also have an understanding of business and finance, as these two areas play an important role in helping companies improve their performance or monitor market trends.

Basically, business intelligence is created for business purposes. Therefore, business intelligence analysts must also understand the business.

If you are promoted to a higher position, such as a senior business intelligence analyst (tenure of two to four years), the salary range can double to IDR 20,000,000 per month .

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However, it is enough to show that the role of business intelligence is a very good career and continues to grow. Many companies in the technology industry require business intelligence roles.

Roles in business intelligence have bright career paths and usually require at least three years and sufficient experience to be promoted, but this depends on each industry and company.

The administrator is responsible for analyzing data at the direction of the executive or manager, including requests for information from stakeholders and customers, monitoring the performance of competitors, and analyzing economic conditions from company-specific data.

The Business Intelligence Manager manages multiple business intelligence teams with their functional areas and leads the company’s business projects.

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The next position is the master of data services, which is responsible for ensuring collaboration between departments and products in the use of data.

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