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Business Intelligence Diamant Software – With Diamant/4, you will not only gain complete transparency about your company’s data and discover previously hidden optimization potential. Flexible reports, individual mapping of your structures and integrated data open up new options for analysis. In this way, you become a business partner for the entire organization.

Diamant/4 combines accounting and control and provides information on all business matters. Accounts can be created ad hoc. They are always able to provide information and always provide current and absolutely reliable figures. With individual dashboards for different recipients and an intuitive commenting feature, you can create comprehensive transparency.

Business Intelligence Diamant Software

Diamant/4 offers a profit-oriented cost and performance management overview: you monitor your capital utilization costs and profitability in detail to identify optimization potential and take appropriate action.

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Only those who know their goal can achieve it – and the development of company figures can be reliably assessed only if the planned values ​​are available. With Diamant/4 you make decisions based on efficient planning, monitoring key figures and clear deviation analyses. You benefit from a variety of options – from accurate planning of payment flows with liquidity forecasting to planning and budgeting of expenses and income by dividing fixed and variable expenses.

The business intelligence system integrated in Diamant/4 is a management tool for analyzing and visualizing company data. It helps you with maximum transparency to interactively monitor, analyze and control company-wide processes. Diamant/4 includes a ready-made data model with OLAP cubes for balance sheet and financial data, costs and services, personal accounts and open items, as well as personnel data. Use OLAP cubes individually or in combination for individual assessments or extend the data model with individual OLAP cubes for company-wide control.

Today, your accounting department does much more than just bookkeeping. It is changing, from pure financial accounting to more and more a management information system and supports classical control tasks. At the same time, the world of work is changing – it is becoming more mobile.

Diamant/4 makes it easy for you to deploy your budget and your employees in the right places, automate daily routines and reduce administration costs. You speed up your core processes and fulfill extensive reporting obligations from accounting to controlling with ease and first-class quality.

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Diamant/4 is more than just a standard program to meet your business accounting needs. It simplifies your daily accounting work – even with multiple clients. The software reduces multiple routines and facilitates decentralized operation. You gain flexibility and save time.

Save valuable time in your daily accounting operations by digitizing your invoicing process. Artificial intelligence automates up to 98% of invoice recognition and capture. Keep a complete overview of all invoices in circulation in Diamant/4. This means that you can get information about liquidity and budget at any time. Invoices can be posted intuitively by approvers.

Diamant/4 asset accounting gives you a complete and reliable overview of your assets: in terms of commercial law, tax law, calculation or according to IFRS or US GAAP guidelines. All information is always at hand – for efficient management of your assets.

With Diamant/4 Invoicing, you use a thin invoicing solution that allows you to efficiently create outbound invoices and post them automatically. Invoices without associated bookings are a thing of the past. You always create the right invoices – a prerequisite for timely payment.

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Diamant/4 is designed for accounting of organizational groups: you closely monitor the current and future situation of your entire group of companies and show individual and composite business units in a differentiated manner. Day-to-day business can be carried out effortlessly – and consolidated financial statements can also be completed securely and quickly.

Create your audited consolidated financial statements quickly and conveniently in accordance with statutory accounting rules according to HGB, IFRS and US GAAP. Automated cross-company bookings and central master data can help you on your way to a fast close. Thanks to comprehensive evidence, your consolidation process is always transparent and traceable.

Thanks to intercompany functions, you can connect group companies through a continuous flow of documents. You book sales between affiliates and automatically create the associated documents and transfer them to the receiving customer. Double data entry is not required. And the receipt can be archived in the Diamant audit repository.

Use Diamant/4 to create planning, management and control analyzes for a corporate group. Both a summary of all sub-areas and a comparative analysis between them are possible: you get a control tool for the entire group of companies and never lose a general overview of your services, product lines and locations.

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Benefit from transparency across all dimensions: you can simultaneously display and structure data from branches, locations, segments, product lines and service areas and determine individual contributions to overall success.

With its strategic business units, Diamant/4 offers extensive evaluation and organizational options such as “client within client”. You can also compare the development of business units and combine them in locations according to segments, product lines and service areas.

Thanks to the high level of integration of Diamant/4 Accounting+Controlling, you can effectively organize your individual business processes and benefit from the smooth exchange of data between your systems. Thanks to a coherent network, you take an important step towards digital transformation. As a web-based application, Diamant/4 offers various options – for example with the Diamant Integration Hub, the Diamant Business Controlling Model or via web services. Successful integration with more than 300 ERP solutions proves the high level of integration capability.

Bielefeld company Diamant Software, a specialist in digital and automated accounting and control software, is pleased to welcome Christian Schröder as product manager in the health and social care sector. As a long-time authorized representative at the E+S IT consulting company, Christian Schröder knows…

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