Business Intelligence Analyst Job Openings

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Business Intelligence Analyst Job Openings – Technology has advanced at breakneck speed in recent years, enabling faster procedures and bringing in huge amounts of data. Businesses are embracing business intelligence (BI), which uses software and services to turn data into actionable insights to help them make educated and tactical business decisions.

Business intelligence professionals transform collected business data into actionable information so that business leaders and stakeholders can make informed strategic decisions based on it. A BI analyst analyzes data to find sources of lost revenue and inefficiencies, then communicates this information to colleagues so they can find solutions.

Business Intelligence Analyst Job Openings

This position requires a bachelor’s degree in finance, information technology, statistics or data analysis and 2 to 3 years of experience in the business intelligence industry.

Senior Business Intelligence Analyst

1+ years of experience with SQL technologies such as SSRS, SSIS and SQL Server; 3+ years of expertise with Microsoft Office, with an emphasis on Excel and Access; and familiarity with one or more business intelligence tools such as Birst, Tableau or similar products is highly desirable.

Companies will increasingly rely on employees who can help them collect, access, and analyze data to help them strategize and become more efficient as they become more data-driven. Business intelligence analysts will need to review acquired data, establish data models, and uncover business trends so that organizations can formulate ongoing plans.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the business and management analyst sector is expected to grow 14 percent between 2018 and 2028, significantly faster than the national average. On weekdays, the normal office hours for a business intelligence analyst are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

By the end of 2021, the business intelligence and analytics market is expected to be worth USD 26.50 billion. Additionally, companies that use business intelligence analytics are five times more likely to make faster and more informed decisions. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for skilled analysts and managers will grow 14% by 2026, with overall data needs increasing by 28% by 2020. This exceeds projections for almost all other occupations.

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The steps above will help you get started with this domain. However, there is still a long way to go. You can take an advanced course to reach a new skill level.

Offer a certificate in Business Intelligence for all those interested in working in this field. This certification course covers the following topics –

Also offers free practice tests and online tutorials to supplement the learning process. You can check them by clicking on the following links –

Business Intelligence Analyst Jobs In Jacksonville, Fl

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What is business intelligence? What is the difference between business intelligence and data analytics? We embark on this lucrative career path with Candace Periera-Roberts, a General Assembly instructor with 20 years of data experience. Learn about the business intelligence analyst career path and average salaries, how to learn business intelligence (spoiler alert: you don’t need a data degree), and what personality traits make a great business intelligence analyst.

Business Intelligence Analyst Resume Examples In 2024

I have worked in data in some form for about 20 years, including working as a business analyst, data warehouse developer/analyst, business intelligence analyst, data engineer, data analytics lead instructor, etc.

I originally started at GA teaching SQL workshops at their Atlanta campus and then it grew into other data related workshops/bootcamps and became an instructor for Data Analytics Online and for Atlanta. When I was offered a role teaching courses in my field for GA, I was excited to share my knowledge with others who wanted to learn the industry.

Business intelligence (BI) combines data-centric strategies, processes and technology. BI includes common features such as data mining, process analysis, data visualization and analytics, performance management, predictive/prescriptive analytics, reporting and dashboards. BI may have members such as visualization and data analysts, data engineers, business intelligence analysts, and data scientists.

Can you give us an example of a problem/question that a business intelligence analyst would have to solve in the workplace?

Data Science Career Opportunities Are More Promising, Non It Students Can Be Data Talents!

The job of a business intelligence analyst varies from company to company, but the most common questions are usually related to KPIs. How does the company operate? What are sales markers? A BI analyst would use a top-down approach to answer these questions. Let’s say my company’s sales are down, for example. A BI analyst would be tasked with determining whether this decline is coming from a specific region, a specific product/service, a specific sales representative, etc.

In general, business intelligence analysts work to ensure that data is ready to use from sources and work with other roles such as database administrators and data engineers. Data analysts work more closely with customers (internal and external) to meet their data needs, and they also work with BI analysts. Many times these roles are actually mixed. provides a list of duties for each role.

Anyone who wants to enter BI must have knowledge and skills that are both technical and non-technical. This list is not exhaustive, but highlights a few that will serve the analyst well.

You don’t need to come from a technical background, but be willing to learn the technical side of the job. Having a business background is actually beneficial as it can help understand business problems, understand the business itself and generate insights for stakeholders. This helps to ask the right questions to understand the needs of the business. Technical knowledge is helpful in this area as you can provide insight into what can be provided. As you move from a data analyst role to a business intelligence analyst role and the blending that happens between the two, additional technical skills such as SQL will be required. I recommend anyone in a data-driven role be familiar with Excel, SQL, and a visualization tool like Tableau.

Career Profiles: Business Intelligence Analyst

Glassdoor actually has a nice track that includes salaries and transitional jobs. How to Become a BI Analyst: The Complete Career Path | Glass door. A typical career path would be to start as a Business Intelligence Analyst, then a Senior Business Intelligence Analyst, then a Lead Business Intelligence Analyst, and then a Director of Business Intelligence.

General Assembly’s Data Analytics Bootcamp can be a jumpstart to a career in this field.

Before bootcamps, how did you typically become a business intelligence analyst? Is business intelligence a set of skills that can be learned in a course? Why?

I personally didn’t get a degree in data, but learned on the job throughout my career and actually learned SQL. I ended up with a Masters in Computer Information Systems, but that’s not necessary for a career in Business Intelligence! In General Assembly’s Data Analytics Bootcamp, we teach not only the tools, but also how to formulate a hypothesis and work through an empirical process. Students create an Excel project, then a SQL project, and finally a Tableau project.

Business Intelligence Analyst Resume Samples

Different business intelligence tools and techniques can be learned in different programs, such as general assembly or micro master’s offered by different faculties (these are longer). There are “boot camp programs” but they usually last longer than a one-day session. There are also full degree programs in data analytics.

Depending on interest level, background, financial obligations, etc. boot camp is the starting point for

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