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Business Intelligence Analyst Gaji – In today’s era, business decision making for companies cannot be separated from technology and data. Therefore, of course, you need a professional who is skilled in implementing technology for business analysis purposes. We know this professional as a business analyst.

From both a business and data science perspective, working as a business analyst is a profession that has pretty good prospects for MinDi friends. Be that as it may, companies need to use data in making business decisions, such as improving services, improving product quality, or changing prices. That is why it is important for MinDi friends to know about the business analyst profession.

Business Intelligence Analyst Gaji

In this article, MinDi will help MinDi’s friends to know what a business analyst is. MinDi friends will also get to know the responsibilities of a business analyst along with the job prospects! At the end, MinDi will also tell you how to become a business analyst.

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A business analyst is a professional whose job it is to help business companies make important decisions through data analysis. In analytics, a business analyst will interact a lot with the data team to get insights that can be useful for decision making.

In some companies, business analysts have several other titles whose roles and duties are not very different, such as management analyst, financial analyst or market research analyst. Even though the field of activity may be different, these professions both provide recommendations for making company decisions based on data analysis.

What does a business analyst do? Basically, the task of a business analyst is to provide recommendations to stakeholders based on information from the data obtained by the company. However, there are several tasks that business analysts typically perform to encourage company success.

Business Analyst Salary Prospects Business Analyst is a job that has very attractive salary prospects, even reaching double digits. For a fresh graduate with no experience, the basic salary for a business analyst is between 5 to 7 million rupees per month. For business analysts who already have 2 – 5 years of work experience, the salary can reach 10 to 15 million rupees per month. Meanwhile, for senior business analysts with more than 5 years of experience, the salary is between 15 to 20 million rupees per month. Apart from work experience, the salary of a business analyst can also be influenced by the work area, the work sector and the company you work for. So, MinDi friends need to check again if the salary is in line with the expectations of MinDi friends.

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How to become a business analyst To become a business analyst, you need good analytical skills and business understanding. Some of the skills a business analyst must have are as follows. Strong Business Understanding: A business analyst must have a good understanding of the business domain. Problem solving and critical thinking: Business analysts must be able to carefully analyze problems, objectively identify problems and suggest correct solutions. Communication and interpersonal skills: Business analysts will interact a lot with stakeholders to deliver recommendations for the business, so the ability to convey information is very important. Writing reports and dashboards: The delivery of analysis results must be well communicated, so business analysts must be able to create informative and effective reports. Dashboard capabilities like Tableau are a plus that really help convey information. Data processing using SQL and MS. Excel: A business analyst is very likely to work with large amounts of data, so an understanding of databases is important. Next, business analysts must be able to process the data with related tools. If MinDi friends want to become a business analyst, MinDi friends must learn and master these skills. MinDi Friends can train business acumen, problem solving and communication skills by participating in internships or building relationships with people who fit the business field MinDi Friends is pursuing. In the meantime, you can learn serious business analyst skills like data analysis and dashboard creation by taking classes or attending a data science bootcamp! If your MinDi friends are interested, you can attend the Data Science Bootcamp hosted by ! In this bootcamp, MinDi friends will learn data processing using Ms. Excel, SQL, Python, as well as creating dashboards with Tableau! Besides that, MinDi friends will be trained by professionals who have experience in well-known companies! It is really possible, if MinDi friends want to chat or expand relationships. How? After reading this article, are you MinDi friends interested or more determined to pursue a career as a business analyst? Come on, let’s follow your business analyst career together!

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Product and Project Management Bootcamp Digital Marketing Bootcamp Data Science Bootcamp Frontend Web Development Bootcamp UIUX/Product Design Bootcamp AI Machine Learning Engineering Bootcamp Data Engineering Bootcamp Business Intelligence Bootcamp Social Media Marketing Business Intelligence is a diverse and quite interesting professional field. It’s no wonder that business intelligence salaries are quite attractive. So how much is this and what influences it? In the digital age, the role of business intelligence is increasingly important. The reason cannot be separated from the increasing volume of data that companies have to manage every year. Therefore, business intelligence is one of the most sought-after professional fields. In this article, MinDi wants to discuss what factors influence salaries in this profession and what the salary range is for different levels. So read to the end OK! What is Business Intelligence In business, business intelligence (BI) itself is a strategic concept that involves the collection, analysis, processing and presentation of data to help companies make better decisions. Companies that implement BI optimally can capture information more effectively and increase business growth and profits. Throughout the BI process, there are several professions with different roles and tasks. These are the professions you will occupy if you want to get involved in the world of business intelligence. Factors That Influence Salary When you work in business intelligence, there are several factors that can influence your salary. You need to pay attention to these factors because they may continue to be relevant even after you have become a professional. The following are these factors. Work Experience: The more experience you have, the higher your chances of earning a higher salary. We will discuss BI salaries by level. Special skills: Having practical skills, especially in data processing, can also affect your salary. The more practical and sophisticated your skills, the better your chances of increasing your salary. Positions and roles: Business intelligence is composed of several professions with different positions and roles. We’ll also discuss BI salary prospects by profession. Geographic location: Areas with a higher cost of living tend to have higher wages. Additionally, the availability of BI jobs can also vary by location. Industries and Sectors: Some industries that involve a lot of data and money, such as technology and finance, tend to pay more for BI professionals. Certifications: Having a recognized BI certification, such as a certification in a specific BI tool or a data analytics certification, can increase your credibility and salary potential.

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As MinDi explained, experience is one of the most important factors influencing your salary. Below are BI salary expectations for various experience levels.

As a worker who has just entered the professional world, even if you have no previous experience, by the next 2-3 years, it will be in the range of Rp. 5,000,000 to Rp. 9,000,000, with an average of Rp. 6,500,000 per month.

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Next, you have the opportunity to become a professional who has entered the mid-level stage, which is in the range of 3-8 professional years. It could be even more, based on the industry and complexity of the role in the company.

For the mid-level, the average BI professional salary in Indonesia is around Rp. 10,500,000 per month depending on the position.

After you have worked more, you can enter the higher level stage. Usually, this period extends after more than 8 professional years.

The average salary of BI seniors in Indonesia can reach more than IDR. 12,000,000 per month, it can even reach Rp. 22,000,000 per month.

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It should also be noted that salaries in the field of business intelligence do not only depend on the level, but also on the specific profession. We will discuss it in the next section.

In the field of business intelligence there are several professions with different roles and tasks. These roles influence the potential salary earned. Below are some common BI professions and their salary ranges.

Based on data from Glassdoor, the average BI analyst salary in Indonesia is approximately Rp. 11,000,000 per month, but with potential additional income of Rp. 12,000,000 per month based on projects and other additions.

Furthermore, a business intelligence developer (BI developer) is a person responsible for developing BI solutions that involve data modeling, dashboard design, and report creation. Their main objective is to produce effective analysis tools.

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A business intelligence engineer (BI engineer) is someone who designs, builds, and manages the infrastructure and BI tools used by a company.

Finally, a business intelligence manager (BI manager) is a professional who oversees and manages the implementation and operation of business intelligence systems within a company. They are responsible for leading other BI professions.

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